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A new TOLS beginning............May, 2018

As promised we arrive finally into the 21st Century and have created our own website.

TOLS are very excited about our continued improvements which we have been involved with throughout the shop over the last 3 years of ownership.

For the FIRST TIME IN AUSTRALIA, which TOLS is extremely proud of, is our new 3d gummy candy confectionery printer, 'GIZMO'.  It will be making it's first appearance shortly - however just finalising some last minute technical issues and it will be announced on Facebook and on our TOLS website when it makes it's long awaited appearance in-store.

We have certainly been on a exciting journey during the time that we have owned the business since May, 2015.

We at TOLS know that our loyal lolly customers appreciate all the improvements that have taken shape within the shop over this period.

Just let your imagination take you on a MAGICAL JOURNEY when GIZMO arrives at TOLS'.


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